Radiator Booster

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The fantastic all-new Radiator Booster Turbo Logic uses a fan to gently draw heat from behind your radiator and disperse the warm air more evenly and efficiently around your room.

  • Allows central heating thermostat reduction of 1 – 3°C
  • Quiet fan operation and subtle white design
  • Costs just £0.30 per annum to run and saves on average between £70 and £140 in heating bills

This means your energy bills will be cut drastically over the course of a year, saving both energy and money.

With a massive 2.5 times more airflow than the previous version, the Radiator Booster pushes warm air directly into the centre of your room to immediately improve the distribution of the warm air, rather than letting it rise to the ceiling instantly. 

Save an average of £70 - £140 per year simply by placing the brilliantly subtle device on top of your radiator and plugging it in.

Also features:

  • Intelligent LED status indicator to indicate when operational
  • Automatic thermostat - device powers on when your radiator reaches 30°C surface temperature
  • Up to 2.5× more air flow than the previous popular model


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