10A DZ Energy Charge Controller 12/24V

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A smart little 10A charge controller from DZ Energy. It automatically senses your battery voltage and provides 12V or 24V as necessary.
This unit has an unusual feature. In addition to the solar panel and battery connections, there is also a peripheral devices DC output, controlled by a handy on/off switch. (Useful for lighting etc).
The charge regulator has a useful LED display system to show your battery's state of charge, plus a range of features to protect the battery, including an electronic fuse which prevents overcharging.

Product features:

  • Easy to understand status LEDs (x2) to indicate battery capacity
  • 1st LED flashing – Battery capacity <25%
  •  1st LED on – Battery capacity 25% to 75%
  •  1st & 2nd LEDS on – Battery capacity >75%
  • Fault status LED - open circuit, overload or short circuit
  • Load control LED – indicates the battery is charging
  • Jumper setting for GEL (factory set) or Lead acid
  • Automatically compensates for temperature
  • Pulse Width Modulation control (the charging pattern used to maintain your battery)
  • Boost voltage: 14.5V/29V
  • Float voltage: 13.7V/27.4V
  • Multistage charging technology (charging values are adjusted as the battery charge state improves)
  • Automatic load reconnection (at 12.8V/25.6V)
  • Security against low battery voltage (at 11.0V/22.0V)
  • Max cable size: 16mm²
  • Internal consumption: 4mA
  • Dimensions (mm): 86 x 68 x 36
  • Weight: 145g
  • Self test

These charge controllers will protect against:

  • Overcharging
  • Deep discharge
  • Reverse polarity of the load, the module and the battery
  • Short circuit
  • Night-time Reverse current
  • Overloading
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