PowerFilm 190W Solar Quad

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The 190 Watt Solar Quad by PowerFilm is a large (8' x 9.5') foldable solar panel with 8 eyelets.

It can be stretched out on the ground and fixed in place with tent pegs, or draped over canvas canopies/fly sheets, field shelters and tents (and vehicles) and tied down with rope or bungee cords. It will also help to provide shade from the sun and protection from the rain.

This high power 12V solar panel can be used for a huge range of applications, from serious expeditions to off-grid beach holidays. For example:

  • Powering or recharging:
  • GPS systems
  • Field communication radios
  • Satellite phones
  • Laptop computers
  • Recharge a bank of batteries to provide power for lighting & ventilation.
  • Combine with an inverter to provide 240 volt AC.
  • The short integral solar panel cable terminates in a marine grade weatherproof PowerFilm connector
  • Provided with two PowerFilm cables - 1m accessory cable (with female cigarette lighter adapter socket) & 4.6m battery cable (with ring terminals) 

Simple to set up (just unroll it and then unfold it) and fix in place, it's also easy to remove and stow away, which makes it perfect for temporary use.
 Unlike a generator, there's no noise and no heat generation.
Provided in pvc coated tan fabric, with matte finish lightweight solar panels.  


  • Wattage:   190W
  • Operating Voltage: 15.4V
  • Dimensions Unfolded:  96" x 114" (2.4m x 2.9m)
  • Stowed Dimensions (when folded then rolled): 13" radius x 19" length (0.3m radius x 0.5m length)
  • Weight:   17 lb (7.7kg)

Partly Opened?
Q. If I was in area with limited space, would this panel be usable if it was only half or quarter opened.
A. YES.  You would still get half / quarter of the power output.

Q. The folded size is about 5ft long, do they have to be stored flat? 
A. Folded and then rolled.  Comes in a bag.  Rolled up around a 6” tube.

Q. What are the connectors?  
A. The standard PowerFilm marine grade waterproof connectors.

Q. Are they the same technology as used in the PowerFilm rollable panels? 
A. Yes  

Q. What delivery times do you offer for these panels?
A. These are made to order. Please contact us for delivery details.

Solar Charge Controllers
Q. What about controllers?
A. We suggest one of these two controllers:

Sunsaver MPPT 15L Solar Charge Controller
Most efficient up to 15A, 12 or 24V and can generate 25% more power out of a system versus a standard PWM controller.

ProStar 15M  Solar Charge Controller      
PS-15M  mid level with a small digital display yet still a PWM charge controller       

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