2 x6w Portable solar charger

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2 x 6w portable solar charger

1. The independent design of power management system, making the circuit board the conversion efficiency of > 90%.

2. Support the weak light of charging emergency situation.

3. Have the system automatically detects the light intensity change, make in the cloudy day, cloud cover, and the leaves keep out the sun from low light to bright light for charging the mobile phone to realize automatic restart function.

4. Power supply system with current overload protection, power management system design current of 2.5 A, when the current is greater than this parameter, power management system automatically shut down output, thus protecting equipment for mobile phone.

5. The folding package power management systems with automatic current distribution function, make the battery under different power allows current distribution well, so as to achieve the protection of the battery.

 6. The folding package small folding design, can be easily placed in a backpack, handbag.

Folding size

Long        Wide            Thickness

295mm          160mm               10mm

weight: 392 g

Open size          390mm x 295mm x 4mm

weight: 392 g


Cell brand                                            Sunpower

Power tolerance:                                             ±3%

Peak power(WP)                             12w Voltage at Pmax(Vmp): 6

Current at Pmax(Imp):                  1.9 Open circuit voltage(Voc): 6.6

Short circuit current(Isc):              2

Waterproof:                                       IP 65

Operating Temperature:              -40͠ to + 85͠ Conversion Efficiency: 22.5%

Temperature Coefficient of Pmax: -0.48%/͠

Temperature Coefficient of voc: -0.34%/͠

Temperature Coefficient of ISC: 0.015%/͠ Nominal Operating Cell Temperature: 45+/-2͠

Data under standard testing conditions(STC)       1000W/M²; 1.5AM

Type of Connector: USB

Folding Dimension(mm): 295x160x10

Unfold Dimension(mm): 390x295x4

Net weight (g):                                                 392g


Products are widely used, suitable for travel, outdoor cycling, camping, etc. Various inconvenient to recharge using digital products, safe and efficient product features, design convenient and easy to carry, for your outdoor adventure activities provide a solution.


Product is suitable for mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital camera, PSP, GPS, iphone, Blackberry, mobile DVD, bluetooth headset, IPOD, bluetooth speakers, hand ring, mini toys and other digital products to charge.

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