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About Us

The Solar Trader is part of Select Solar Ltd, an independent, family-owned business, established in 2001 by Fran Tattersall and Paul Beattie. With academic backgrounds in conservation and robotics, Fran and Paul set up Select Solar Ltd in response to a growing public awareness of environmental issues and mounting alarm at the impacts of climate change. Through our products we hope to introduce you to some new technologies and inspire us all towards a carbon-free future.

What we do

The Solar Trader sources and distribute solar powered toys and gadgets, and also larger solar chargers and panels. We are the UK distributors for Inprosolar toys, EcoEnergy regulators, and Powerfilm flexible panels, and we also have our own Solar Trader brand of Flexi panels.

 If you are a shop or e-commerce site, you can register to purchase at wholesale prices.We supply to the trade only, and will ask you to complete an account form before we begin trading with you.

We have been supplying green and eco-friendly shops, businesses and internet shopping sites since 2004 and take great care to deliver quickly and efficiently. We are very experienced at drop shipping and can offer a range of delivery options abroad. 

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How we reduce our environmental impact

We care deeply about environmental issues and ethical business. In all our dealings with customers, staff and suppliers we act ethically and treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Staff work flexible hours to accommodate their individual circumstances. 

We are keenly aware of our environmental responsibilities and have tried to promote the use of solar energy as part of all our daily lives by sourcing high quality products that can fit into anybody's life style.

We reuse and recycle the vast majority of our paper and packaging. Paper is put through the printer twice before being shredded and used in packaging. Cardboard boxes are reused and cut to size if necessary. Any polystyrene, bubble wrap or foam that comes into the warehouse is reused - we even take some waste packaging from neighbouring businesses.

Printing and paper:
We only print stationary as we need it, and use recycled paper and biodegradable inks whenever possible. All printer cartridges are recycled.

We all live locally and don't make unnecessary journeys.