Solara Flexible Panel Marine Kits

12w KitClick to enlarge product image
12w Kit
  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  Solara M Series 50Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF40 41.00 654 x 481 £556.16 £6.25 Full Details
  Solara M Series 70Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF62 55.00 844 x 481 £697.20 £6.25 Full Details
  Solara M Series 100Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF82 80.00 798 x 695 £847.27 £15.00 Full Details
  Solara M Series 15Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF12 12.00 431 x 243 £368.34 £6.25 Full Details
  Solara M Series 35Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF27 27.00 464 x 481 £471.65 £6.25 Full Details
  Solara Power M Series 130Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF105 105.00 1120 x 545 £979.20 £15.00 Full Details
  Solara Power M Series 125Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF120 120.00 1250 x 545 £969.85 £15.00 Full Details
  Solara Power M Series 160Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF150 150.00 1510 x 545 £1119.43 £15.00 Full Details
  Solara Power M Series 115Wp Semi-Flexible Panel Marine Kit 05004SF115 115.00 990 x 660 £885.73 £15.00 Full Details

SOLARA is the strong brand for solar technology (photovoltaic) from northern Germany. As a specialist provider of stand-alone systems, Select Solar Limited guarantee a reliable power supply wherever either no electricity grid is available or where current development would mean exorbitant costs. The solar modules of SOLARA are the product of extremely high workmanship and produced exclusively for extreme climate conditions. Thanks to the high quality of the used materials and their manufacturing they are extremely robust and durable. SOLARA modules, referred by some as solar panels, withstand because of that extreme climatic loads and even use low light conditions optimally. Thanks to the high efficiency of the solar cells used by SOLARA reliable power generation is guaranteed even in low light conditions

Panel Details:

  • Check individual kits for details

Kit contents:

  • SOLARA Semi-Flexible Monocrystalline Marine Solar Panel
  • Sikaflex-291 70ml Marine Sealant
  • 3m Extension 4mm Solar Cable Pair
  • Twin entry roof grommet
  • Victron BlueSolar PWM-Light 5A (12/24V)
  • 2 x 1m Single Core 4mm2 Cable with M8 Crimps

Please note:

All our semi flexible panels will only bend from the top (has the cable and logos) to the bottom a maximum of 10% of panel length.

Bending the panel greater than this or trying to bend the panel from left to right will possibly damage the panel and invalidate your warranty.

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