Cat - Solar PIR Sensor Light

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Cat - Solar PIR Sensor Light

The POWERplus Cat is a solar powered PIR sensor light with 4 high quality LEDs. It provides the highest quality in its class for both lighting and power. 

No need to worry about batteries running out or wiring. Simply attach the light easily to your chosen indoor or outdoor surface and rely on this brilliant little device to light up any area upon motion in darkness.

When it is getting dark, the integrated daylight sensor will switch on the standby LED lights in energy saving mode, so the light acts as an orientating light.

When the PIR sensor detects a human body, the high brightness mode will activate and will provide a powerful light. 

Key features: 

  • Compact, neat design
  • Solar powered 
  • Motion sensor light
  • 4 high power bright LEDs
  • High and low auto settings
  • Solar panel: 0.44W. 2200mAh battery
  • 6000K 80lm light output
  • Sensor range of 120 degrees 3 metres
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