Yingli Polycrystalline Solar Panels

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Yingli Polycrystalline Solar Panels
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  10W Yingli Solar polycrystalline panel 06001JP01 10.00 350.0 x 285.0 £60.00 £6.25 Full Details
  20W Yingli Solar polycrystalline panel 06001JP02 20.00 350.0 x 525.0 £110.00 £6.25 Full Details
  30W Yingli Solar polycrystalline panel 06001JP03 30.00 510.0 x 535.0 £175.00 £6.25 Full Details
  40W Yingli Solar polycrystalline panel 06001JP04 40.00 660.0 x 540.0 £200.00 £6.25 Full Details
  60W Yingli Solar polycrystalline panel 06001JP05 60.00 660.0 x 630.0 £250.00 £6.25 Full Details
  90W Yingli Solar polycrystalline panel 06001JP06 90.00 1010.0 x 660.0 £350.00 £15.00 Full Details
  130W Yingli Solar Polycrystalline Panel 06001JP07 130.00 1470.0 x 680.0 £500.00 £15.00 Full Details

Yingli's polycrystalline solar panels offer superb value for money. These 12V panels are suitable for a range of professional and DIY applications.

Heavy duty anodised aluminium frame provides high wind resistance and convenient mounting access. Cells are laminated between high transmissivity, low iron, 3mm tempered glass and a sheet of TPT material and finally two sheets of EVA to prevent moisture entering the module.

  • Installation holes for standard bracket systems are located on the frame.
  • Bypass diodes on panels 30W and above to improve shadow tolerance.
  • Waterproof versatile junction box provides flexibility of connections.
  • 60W, 85W and 130W panels come fitted with approx 1m  length positive and negative cables fitted with Type 3 Multicontact connectors; cables are easy to remove and replace if necessary
  • 10W to 40W panels come fitted with approx 1m of 2-core cable
  • Modules are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61215.
  • 25 years limited output guarantee.
  • Require blocking diodes if not used with a regulator.


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