Powerfilm MPT3.6-150 (100mA @ 3.6V) mini solar panel

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Modules in the PowerFilm Wireless Electronics Series offer a new opportunity to solve the old problems of limited power for wireless electronics in both portable and remote electronic applications.

  • lightweight, paper thin and durable
  • flexible enough to curve around an object 3 inches in diameter
  • will not break if dropped
  • thin profile enables them to be easily integrated with devices for solar recharging or direct power
  • Ideal for recharging AA, AA, 6V and 2V batteries
  • Simple to connect - just solder or crimp to the copper tape.


  • Power: 0.36W
  • Current: 100mA
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Dimensions (mm): 74 x 150
  • Weight (g): 3.1

Please note: these modules do not have a UV stabilised surface.


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