1.44W Powerfilm MP7.2-150 (200mA @ 7.2V) mini solar panel

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Modules in the PowerFilm Wireless Electronics Series offer a new opportunity to solve the old problems of limited power for wireless electronics in both portable and remote electronic applications.
lightweight, paper thin and durable
flexible enough to curve around an object 3 inches in diameter
will not break if dropped
wide range of sizes and power configurations available
thin profile enables them to be easily integrated with devices for solar recharging or direct power
Ideal for recharging AA, AA, 6V and 2V batteries
Please note: these modules do not have a UV stabilised surface.
Simple to connect - just solder or crimp to the copper tape.


  • Power: 1.44W
  • Current: 200mA
  • Voltage: 7.2V
  • Dimensions (mm): 253 x 150
  • Weight (g): 25.9 
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