5W Motorbike Solar Charger Flexi Kit

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5w motorbike flexi kit 5007fx01

If you aren't regularly out riding your bike, your battery can run out of juice. (A motorcycle battery is generally quite small in capacity as well as size).

Use a 12 volt solar trickle charge so you don't need to worry about it going flat again.  Solar power also means you won't need a mains point nearby.

Another helpful point, each charger includes 2-pin SAE type connectors. These fit to the battery connections already found on many bikes.


  • 10A EPHC solar charge controller
  • 5W Flexi-panel: A lightweight, hardwearing, flexible solar panel (542 x 248 x 15mm)
  • Approx 5m cable between the panel and the controller.
  • 2.5m Multi Contact extension cable with MC3 connectors
  • 0.3m Multi Contact cable with MC3 connectors & ring terminals

Technical Specification:

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