Motorhome Solar Panel Accessory Kit

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Already have a solar panel for your motorhome? This kit contains all the accessories you need to install the panel and charge your motorhome, caravan or narrowboat 12V battery. Simple to install and intended for permanently mounting your panel on a flat roof.  Kits include 10A regulator, cabling and mounting accessories.

Please note, solar panels are NOT included.

  • 10 amp EPHC charge controller ensures your battery won't be overcharged.
  • Comes with approx 4m cabling between panel and regulator, with waterproof connectors 3m from the regulator.
  • Fused battery cables with ring connectors to fit to battery
  • Simple mounting brackets allow you to fix your panel to your motorhome roof.
  • Cable gland included (you will need an adhesive such as Sikaflex)
  • Full illustrated instructions.
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