Deluxe Solar Motorhome Kit

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Already have a solar panel?  These high specification kits come with everything you need for a straightforward, permanent installation of your solar panel on the flat roof of your motorhome. For example, each deluxe kit includes marine adhesive and stick-on mounts to reduce the number of holes in your roof.  Also provided: 10A regulator with monitor, cabling and glue mount accessories.

  • 10 Amp Steca charge regulator ensures your battery won't be overcharged. (Displays battery voltage & current flowing).
  • Comes with approx 4m cabling between panel and regulator, with waterproof Multicontact T3 connectors 3m from the regulator.
  • Fused battery cables with ring connectors to fit to battery
  • No soldering or difficult wiring is required – we've done it all for you!
  • Simple glue mounting brackets allow you to fix your panel to your motorhome roof.
  • White roof grommet with twin cable ports. (Use the marine adhesive for a water resistant seal).
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