Powerfilm R28 28W Rollable Solar Panel

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Powerfilm R28 28W Rollable Solar Panel
  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  Powerfilm R7 7W Rollable Solar Panel 06003IT01 7.00 584.2 x 368.3 £208.86 £6.25 Full Details
  Powerfilm R14 14W Rollable solar panel 06003IT02 14.00 1066.8 x 368.3 £297.26 £6.25 Full Details
  Powerfilm R21 21W Rollable Solar Panel 06003IT03 21.00 1543.1 x 368.3 £411.50 £6.25 Full Details
  Powerfilm R28 28W Rollable Solar Panel 06003IT06 28.00 2025.6 x 368.3 £476.93 £6.25 Full Details

Durable, ultra-rollable and paper-thin, these amazing marine-grade Powerfilm panels can be fully rolled up. Perfect for applications where extreme flexibility is important, or where a very thin profile is needed.



  • Powerfilm panels can be walked on
  • Suitable for adhering to a firm surface using a PVA glue
  • Fix to canvas awnings,spray hoods & tents or boat/caravan/motorhome roofs with Stayput Fasteners


Powerfilm solar panels are monolithically integrated which eliminates the need for damage-prone manual connections of individual solar cells.

  • Integrated with a fabric backing for enhanced product functionality these panels perform well in diverse environments, including hot sun.
  • Cadmium Free.
  • The short integral solar panel cable terminates in a marine grade weatherproof PowerFilm connector
  • Provided with two PowerFilm cables - 1m accessory cable (with female cigarette lighter adapter socket) & 4.6m battery cable (with ring terminals) 
  • Blocking diodes fitted.
  •  Rated 28W, 1800mA @ 15.4V
  • Dims: 2025.6 x 368.3 mm unrolled, 368.3 x 101.6 mm rolled up
  • Weight: 0.82 kg

PLEASE NOTE: The 28W Powerfilm panel is part of Powerfilm's new, more powerful range.

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