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  • 02Jun

    WW2 Bunker Job


    We received an enquiry from a customer who ran a business that provides outdoor pursuits for businesses who send their employees on motivational courses.  They purchased a site in the same location as England’s football club in the north of England, which is also part of an airfield that was used in the Second World War.  The site include WW2 bunkers that were constructed to withstand bombing raids by the Luftwaffe   decided it would be a good idea to convert the disused bunkers into a prep room for laser gun themed game.  There was no electricity supply and   asked us to design a solar system that could be used to provide lights and charge up the laser guns.  Also had a problem with the Local Authorities to obtain planning permission and asked if we could help.  Select Solar Limited designed a system that was accepted by the local planning team and they then booked us to carry out the installation.

    Colin and Jacques worked on installing the 9 panels mounted on the roof, as the roof was flat there was only a slight angle therefore; we laid L brackets on top of wood firings which increased the angle to at least 5 degrees.

    The objective was to create enough falls for the rain to run off.  We attached rails along the firings onto L brackets, creating as much angle as possible. Once the rails were in place, we mounted the panels and secured with mid and end clamps. We were not allowed to penetrate the roof as there was special material meant to withstand bombs being dropped so we used lateral straps which were attached to the side of the bunker securing the panels.

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  • 01Jun



    This case study came from an article in Sailing Today, We are pleased to say that the panel in the article was bought from us via one of our sister sites.

    In the article, the proud new boat owner had bought a boat without electrics. He needed a solar panel to provide charging power to his 12V battery so that he could operate his LED cabin lights and depth sounder.  His plan was to liveaboard during the summer months.

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  • 01Jun

    buckhurst hill

    A customer contacted us from Buckhurst Hill.  He had a solar installation completed a few years ago when tariff rates were reasonable.  He decided to develop his property adding extra accommodation to his loft which involved taking the roof off and replacing it.  He attempted to contact his original PV Installers only to find that they had gone into liquidation.  He needed us to remove his system and put it back when the building work had been completed.  Jake and Colin attended the job and removed all the panels along with the inverter and switch gear in the loft.  Once the builders had finished we went back before the scaffolding was removed and refitted all the original panels and equipment.  After testing the system started up and the customer was soon benefitting from his feed in tariff and lower electricity bills again.

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  • 31May

    Radha - Wrexham Road, Bow

    Radha asked us to carry out an installation before the last feed in tariff rate cut.  She was also interested in reducing her electricity bills and reducing her carbon emissions.  She found Select Solar on the MCS installers database.  We provided a supply and fit quotation along with an estimated performance assessment.  As Radha had a flat roof, we also designed a bespoke mounting system.  Radha accepted our quote and we got on with the job quickly as possible.  We used our roofer to add additional timbers on the roof to provide extra strength and fixings for the Solar Panels to be attached to.

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  • 29May

    bubble tea van

    We were contacted by Calvic a Philipino lady and her Italian husband who is a qualified Chef.  They purchased a large white van and set their hearts on a new business venture selling bubble tea from it.  Calvic wanted to fit as much solar as possible on the roof to help run the equipment inside the van.  We sat down and designed a system using all the roof space we could and she asked if we would carry out the installation as well.  We were able to fit 1 x 400watt panel and 1 x 120watt panel.  These needed to be wired separately due to the different amps and voltages the panels produce.  After a successful installation Calvic asked us to install some 12volt lighting and sockets which we did via a 12volt fuse board.  Calvic and her husband now attend many festivals throughout the UK and are looking to expand their business.

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